White Bazaar is a little space for me to share all my inspiration and creativity.  
I'm an IT professional by day, in my spare time I'm an artist and interior blogger, I also sell my art in my art shop Cocostyle Studio

Favourite Things.....
Interior Design, White & Grey Interiors, Pinterest, Diptyque candles, Lanterns, Moroccan Scandinavian & Mid-century style Interiors, Vintage Crockery, Fresh flowers, White tulips, Craft & DIY,
Painting, Drawing, Art Gallerie, Etsy
Spas, Tech and gadgets, Photography, Instagram, Beauty products & Makeup, Designer handbags, Mulberry, Chanel, Blazers, Winged eye liner,  Shopping for bargains, Vintage shops
Afternoon tea, Scones, Cakes, Waffles, Laduree, Mint green tea, Baking, Films, Period Dramas, Travelling the world and to places I've never been, Long walks in pretty places,  Historical buildings, Picnics, Secluded beaches, Sunsets, Skies...