Thursday, 26 June 2014

Red Lipsticks Painting

Red lipsticks - Original acrylic on canvas painting
Red lipsticks art print: Cocostyle Studio Etsy shop

So I decided I needed to paint a red lipsticks painting, my immediate thoughts were that it has to be luxurious high-end lipsticks, obviously had to be Chanel, Dior and Tom Ford, gorgeous packaging and colours.  I'm definitely a fan of red lipsticks, so chic and glamourous and is always my go to lipstick when I'm going out.
The first painting above is the original I painted with acrylic on canvas and then shows it framed with my other paintings and prints in my home office.
The last image above is a print of the original which I'm now selling in my Etsy shop Cocostyle Studio,  I know it would look perfect in a bedroom, vanity area, boudoir, home office...

I recently setup a separate instagram account just for my artwork, you can follow me here cocostylestudio.  You can see progress of my art at different stages and new art I'm working on, thanks for looking!