Friday, 23 May 2014

Friday Inspiration: Tom Dixon

Copper shade, Brass Etch Shade, Scent copper candle, Etch candle holder: Tom Dixon
Image credits from my Pinterest

One of my favourite interior product designers has to be Tom Dixon, I'm still yet to buy anything but have a long wish list!  Love the simplicity of his designs and the attractive basic colours he uses, copper, brass and steel.  The most iconic product is his Copper shade, it's a gorgeous shiny dome shape, makes such a statement and can be used almost anywhere, I love it!
The Copper candle is stunning and so stylish, love the colour and writing on the front, they are also scented but I've never smelt them! I just think they look perfect as part of any rooms decor.  The Etch range is simply beautifully designed, love the geometric shapes and pattern, the intricate metal which lets the candle light through, the candle holder is my favourite and love the copper colour, can be used for storage too!
There are so many other products I would love from Tom Dixon, however many are out of my price range, I may possibly look for similar inspired copper shade if I can find it cheaper.

The two products that are on my wish list and will definitely be purchasing pretty soon are the Copper candle and Etch candle holder, they add that design touch and perfectly complete the decor of a room.  You can buy these at Tom Dixon and also Selfridges, Heals and Nest.


  1. There's some beautiful pieces in there I like the dining table with grey chairs. I visited a client's house today and hers was beautifully done, particularly her bedroom and bathroom though she was in the middle of still doing it all. Had great taste.

    1. Love it all, wish I could have a home like this!