Thursday, 24 April 2014

Andy Warhol Quote Print

Andy Warhol quote print: Etsy (no longer available)

New Andy Warhol 'I like boring things...' print I recently bought, because I actually do like boring things!  I've been wanting this Andy Warhol quote print for the longest time as they are so hard to locate.  Finally spotted one on Etsy, however it's no longer available now.
There's something about these simple quotes I just love, I'm also obsessed with all the other quote prints (if I ever find one).  I've currently displayed this in my bedroom but not sure if it will stay there, I'm so indecisive when its comes to artwork and prints!
Love Any Warhol art and have always been a fan of his work, I've seen many of his original pieces of art in various galleries around the world.

Some inspiration for us all, below are some of my favourite ways others have displaying their prints.

All images sources are from Pinterest, you can find them pinned here on my Pinterest boards


  1. Lovely interior shots and a great print! I need to check out Etsy more often, I always thought it was mainly for US customers as whenever I've stumbled across a site everything's been in dollars.

  2. I Love these prints! Found them for a pretty reasonable price at