Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Festive Crafting

Everyone seems to be getting into crafting at the moment, I love to do bit of craft when I get a chance, and nothing more satisfying than making things myself.  The lovely people at asked if I wanted to try out some of their festive craft products to make a few things myself so I chose some of my favourites to have a go!

The paper star decorations were created from a pre-cut shape which should form a 3D stars to hang as pretty decorations.  I did struggle to understand the vague instructions but eventually figured out how to put the shapes together, I hung the stars using the pretty gold and natural twine, it really does brighten up my little home office!

I also used the twine to wrap some gifts using brown kraft paper which is my favourite type of wrapping paper, you can get this cheap anywhere.  Using my own paint pens I decorated the paper with white and gold dots, so simple and yet so effective!

The personalised stamp cookie kit is something I really want to try, unfortunately I haven't had a chance to make the cookies but you can see from the above images how others have personalised heart and star shaped cookies.  I chose heart shaped cutter and can't wait to try making my own, such a great idea to personalise a gift for someone special or for party favours, a cookie recipe is included in the kit so no excuse really!  Hopefully I will try and do a post when I eventually make these cookies!

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