Monday, 1 April 2013

Bluebells & Tulips Art

Bluebells painting on display on Parveen's wall, you can see her blog post here

Bluebells & Pink Tulips
Original acrylic on canvas paintings

I've been busy painting again! These are two recent art commissions I did for the lovely Parveen.  The first one I created was the bluebells painting and then she wanted another one to go with the flower theme, both beautiful images were chosen by Parveen which I then used to create these paintings in my own style.  Love the flowers she chose, the bluebell colours are so vibrant and tulips are my favourite flower so really enjoyed painting them both!
The bluebells are displayed on her wall above, I think the painting looks perfect and goes so well with her decor, it always makes my day when I see my art work on display in someone's home!  Also, so nice to have someone have faith in your work, especially when they have no idea how it will turn out!
You can check out Parveen's amazing blog Handbags and Fashion Rags which is one of my favourites!

My art website is Cocostyle Studio where you can see more of my artwork and contact details.

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  1. Looks lovely. I've been wanting some floral art for my room.

    1. Thanks! Every needs a bit of flower art! x

  2. You are very talented! I love the tulip one :) I wish I can paint as well like you. :)

  3. Wow I think I love your pictures of flowers even more than your perfume bottles, they're gorgeous!

    1. Ah thanks so much! Nice to know artworks appreciated!