Tuesday, 5 July 2011

New Moroccan Pouffe & Lantern

White Moroccan Leather Pouffe: Graham and Green
Silver Casablanca Punched Moroccan Lantern: Graham and Green
Finally, I bought a moroccan pouffe, this has been on my wishlist forever so I just took the plunge and ordered one, it was expensive but I'd rather pay for quality and something that will last forever, I did get a slight discount as there was a promotion running.  Obviously I bought the one in white, in reality it's more of an off white colour, its simply gorgeous, the leather feels amazing, the moroccan pattern is beautiful, complements my living room perfectly, it also states all the pouffes are handmade in Marrakech.  While I was on Graham and Green's website I also came across this lovely moroccan lantern, I don't own one in silver and just love the style so had to get it, they also had a huge one but had to resist and they were quite pricey!


  1. Looks like you have such a tidy and pretty house! I really really love the moroccan lantern, I think I might buy one for my new apartment. Love anything candle related haha xx

  2. Ooo I love the moroccan lantern! You have such great taste x


  3. I love everything! I have the Graham and Green Moroccan pouffe in silver but I love the white one. Love the Ikea storage too.

  4. I love the Morrocan style. The latern is gorgeous! You have excellent taste.

  5. I love Moroccan inspired home design decors. You have got so great stuff!

    xoxo Ra

  6. That pouffe is amazing - as soon as I have my own home I'm going to get one of those!


  7. Thanks for your comments everyone, glad you all also love moroccan style! x

  8. Can I have all of your home accessories please? :)

    The moroccan pouffe and lantern are lovely and really must give a vibe to your living room I'm sure!

    As for Ikea, I hardly ever go but this coming week I'm taking the boyfriend to do some storage shopping and will have to get the magazine boxes as we are going to build some floating shelves in the alcoves of our bedroom so these would be ideal.

    Always love your interior posts :)

    Fee x

  9. HI I love reading your blog, your house is lovely. I would love to see the rest of your house