Thursday, 21 April 2011

White Interior Inspiration

Hi everyone!  I'm trying to go for more of a white theme in my home, almost all the rooms in my house are white with a few feature walls, I love the light, fresh modern look white gives and you can accessorise with any colour as you have a blank canvas to work from.  All my furniture used to be in oak but I've been slowly replacing it all with white furniture, this is now complete in my bedroom.  I don't mind furniture that doesn't match but my living room currently has oak, walnut and white furniture, I still love my walnut coffe table but I want to get rid of the oak dining table!
Anyway, I've included some of my favourite white interior looks below that have really inspired me, although my home will never be quite as gorgeous as theses rooms!

Inspiration images taken from house to home and dwell


  1. I love the white theme, you can't do much day when i'm rich (&tidy) i'm going to have a white themed house x

  2. I love the white theme too, we are in the process of decorating and I am thinking about doing our spare room in white...its so fresh and modern looking x

  3. White themed homes look great but I don't know how well it works for a family home. Our dining room walls have lots of smudges on them. Children & white walls don't go well together xx

  4. I love the chair from the first picture, the clear aqua ceiling pendant in the second & the bright yellow pops of colour in the fifth.

    My house is very similar to the fifth picture - wood floors, white walls. But I don't have as much white furniture, more a mixture of colours!

    I really like the candle holder & bowl you bought from Ikea - will have to look out for them when I'm next there!

  5. You have got me and My mum wishing to change our Old style Sitting Room into something WHite Lol! Hahah!

  6. I love everything you have in your home! I have the same bowl from ikea and I use it to hold my eye shadows in ; )

  7. I like the white chairs next to the green wall the best. Have a lovely Easter x

  8. Lovely photos, I love white interiors although I don't think I'd ever have a white sofa!

  9. Thank you all for your comments! xxx

    @The Brunette - you should definitely do white!

    @Tass - I agree, not the most practical for young kids!

    @25FLondon - I love pendant light too, also I'm dying for wooden floors in my home! The silver candle holder is actually from dwell, bought it ages ago!

    @Becky - I don't think I'd have white sofas either, just walls and furniture, they look so clean and pretty in the pics though lol!

  10. It's a shame we have spotlights throughout the whole house (Landlords choice, not mine! Can't wait till I get my own place/stop being a student) because I'd search for that pendant!

    Damn! I'll find a similar candle holder, somehow!

  11. Love the Ikea wooden topped jar...perfect for my kitchen!

    Also love the your framed painting from Rome - just lovely!

    As for the inspiration pictures loveeee the one with the Barcelona chair and the white shutter, oh I could live there.

    Fee x