Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Blue Manolo Blahnik Shoe Art

Blue Manolo Blahnik shoe, A4 & 5 X 7" art prints: Cocostyle Studio Etsy shop

My latest fashion painting is the gorgeous blue Manolo Blahnik shoe, inspired by the heels Carrie wore on her wedding day in the Sex & the City film.  Iconic classic statement heel, perfect to display in your bedroom, dressing table, boudoir or dressing room, love how it turned out!
The original painting was created using acrylic on canvas, these are prints I've had printed from my original painting and are available in 2 sizes in my Etsy shop, A4 and smaller 5 X 7".

I have a separate instagram account just for my artwork, you can follow me here cocostylestudio

My art website is Cocostyle Studio where you can see more of my artwork.

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Friday, 22 August 2014

Friday Inspiration: H&M Homeware

H&M Home is the place to go for affordable yet seriously stylish homeware.  I've always browsed their online homeware section but never really bought anything except for a few cushion covers a while ago, also there is no store near me that stocks their homeware, I popped into their London store recently for the first time, only had a quick look and but was really impressed, the online homeware section is pretty extensive too!
These are just some of my favourite things I would love to have in my own home.  Adore their stunning range of copper candles, beautiful unscented candles, grey storage baskets in metal and felt material, grey cushions, vintage style mirror and cute pineapple storage container! I've not burned their scented candles so not sure how strong the scent is but you can't beat the price.
Also loving the kitchenware, the glass vintage style storage jars and bottles, wooden trays, pretty ceramic dishes, tea towels with lovely quotes, so many gorgeous things to go with any style kitchen.
This list could have gone on and on as everything is so nice, they have designed everything with the all latest trends in mind especially copper, grey and white and all at bargain prices.

I'm pretty sure I'll be placing an order soon...

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Monday, 21 July 2014 Unboxed - My home...

Today I'm finally able to tell you about an amazing project I've been involved in with one of my favourite online interior home stores!  It has launched today and is called Made Unboxed, a new online social community where customers can share pictures of their real homes.  As soon as I heard what it was all about, I immediately wanted to take part as already have quite a selection of their products in my home!  You can see few photos above of my home from my profile, check out my full Unboxed profile and photos here.

MADE.COM sells a wide range of designer furniture online only, cutting out all middle men to bring high quality items at a reduced cost and connect customers directly with the product makers.

Made Unboxed enables people to connect with existing MADE customers who live around you, you can even search by area or for a specific piece to see who has bought what in your area.
I think this is such an incredible idea to involve real people and their very real homes, I'm definitely more likely to buy a product if I can see it on display and in use in peoples homes and not just in a highly styled photoshoot.   Also a brilliant  way to gather interior design ideas and inspiration, an interior lovers dream!
Chloe Macintosh, MADE.COM Co-Founder and Creative Director, said:
Unboxed contextualises our products without the need for costly lifestyle shoots or high street shops, which ultimately the customer would pay for. But more than that, Unboxed demonstrates ‘collaborative consumption’ a movement empowering consumers to take inspiration from each other"

As part of this project, MADE.COM commissioned a survey to show the lengths we go to in order to have sneaky peek at the interior of our neighbour’s houses.  Results show more than one in 10 Brits have admitted viewing a property with no intention to buy – most common in London, where 19% of people have posed as a buyer!  I've never done this myself but constantly looking online at homes for sale and also websites showing private homes of other people just to have a good nosey around, something I believe most of us love to do!
As soon as Unboxed went live, I was excited to have a browse and curious to have a look, there are some amazing profiles and gorgeous homes, more importantly real homes, you can also leave comments and like your favourite pictures.  If you already have some amazing pieces, I would highly recommend you create a profile and get uploading.  See my Made Unboxed profile here.  Hope you like it!
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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Zara Home Sale Purchases

So interior home sales have been happening everywhere recently, I've not actually bought much from the sales, only from Zara Home really.  I look forward to their sales and nearly always get a few things as normally quite expensive.

They never disappoint with their range of white and silver decorative pieces, you all know I'm obsessed with white.
I immediately went to the lanterns and candles first as love their range, I bought this huge silver moroccan style lantern as I don't own a lantern this size and have always wanted one, it's not a shiny silver, it has a gorgeous matte silver finish, love it!  Also, splurged on a silver candelabra and artichoke shaped candle holder, not that I needed anymore but couldn't resist! I'm still loving the moroccan interior style so much.

How adorable is this little pineapple pepper pot?!  I really do love the white/silver pineapple decor trend but this is the first item I've bought and knew I wanted it sitting on my dining table, so much more pleasing to look at then a normal one! (I didn't get two as only really use pepper)

The throw on my sofa needed replacing so thought this one would be perfect and it is, love the pattern and neutral colour, so soft and cosy too.

Have you bought anything in the sales?

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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Red Lipsticks Painting

Red lipsticks - Original acrylic on canvas painting
Red lipsticks art print: Cocostyle Studio Etsy shop

So I decided I needed to paint a red lipsticks painting, my immediate thoughts were that it has to be luxurious high-end lipsticks, obviously had to be Chanel, Dior and Tom Ford, gorgeous packaging and colours.  I'm definitely a fan of red lipsticks, so chic and glamourous and is always my go to lipstick when I'm going out.
The first painting above is the original I painted with acrylic on canvas and then shows it framed with my other paintings and prints in my home office.
The last image above is a print of the original which I'm now selling in my Etsy shop Cocostyle Studio,  I know it would look perfect in a bedroom, vanity area, boudoir, home office...

I recently setup a separate instagram account just for my artwork, you can follow me here cocostylestudio.  You can see progress of my art at different stages and new art I'm working on, thanks for looking!

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